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Interested in recent court cases? What about new laws and how they affect fair housing compliance. Our growing library will review current fair housing events and provide essential feedback.

Case Files: Bed Bugs Create More Than Your Usual Problems – Episode 14

In the latest installment of Fair Housing Insiders Case Files, a harrowing case unfolds involving a disabled tenant, reliant on a wheelchair, who bravely reports ...
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Case Files: ESA and Breed Policies – Episode 13

How do you navigate the tightrope between adhering to fair housing laws and managing the diverse needs of your residential community, especially when faced with ...
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Restrictive policies lead to a fair housing complaint

Case Files: Restrictive Amenity Policy Leads to a Fair Housing Complaint – Episode 12

Property managers and housing providers face a complex issue: balancing the need for rules with the imperative to uphold fair housing principles. This case provides ...
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Fair Housing court case strikes down disability quota

Case Files: Court Strikes Down Disability Quota – Episode 11

The intersection of fair housing laws and the accommodation of individuals with disabilities presents a complex and often misunderstood legal landscape. A particularly intricate case ...
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Case Files: Fair Housing vs. HOA Requirements – Episode 10

The landscape of fair housing laws can be intricate and multifaceted, often involving complex legal disputes that highlight the ongoing challenges in ensuring equal housing ...
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Episode 9 - Case Files: Form Timeline Policies - 10 Days Not Long Enough?

Case Files: Form Timeline Policies – 10 Days Not Long Enough? – Episode 9

Have you ever heard of HUD’s suggested 10-day form return policy? Is this a hard and fast rule or just a best practice? A recent ...
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